One Of Them

“In a world of us and them, who is the real monster…”

Coming soon to iOS…

They dumped a body 3 days ago, then filed a missing person report. Now they’re coming back to “discover” the remains…

Except there’s no body.

One Of Them is a dark and atmospheric journey through an unforgiving world. You have no allies. You are an “other.” And the only thing keeping you going is your stubborn will to live.

Crawl so they don’t hear your footsteps. Stay in the shadows so they can’t see you. Claw your way out if they do. Eat them if they hurt you. Use their bodies as bait for your ambush. The only rule is survival.

Privacy Policy: One Of Them stores game progress data locally on your device. This data contains no personally identifiable information, and can be erased by the user at any time by accessing the trash can button in the pause menu, or by uninstalling the app. Note erasing this data will result in all progress being lost, and the player being returned to the beginning of the game.

Crash reports and usage diagnostics may be gathered anonymously by Apple, and shared with the developer to give insight into how the app is performing.